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Message from the Owners

Welcome to ZenUrgy. We are Amanda McMahan and Soumaly Inthavong, the  owners of ZenUrgy with well over 10 years of experience.  We are health educators and graduates of National Holistic Institute in Los Angeles, CA and  Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, FL, respectively. We have a creative touch and a thorough knowledge of specialized techniques. We can help you tap into your inherent strengths and uncover your bodies true potential. Helping you understand and resolve challenges in your body is our focus. Whether you’re just looking for pain and/or stress relief or you’re looking to empower your body to heal itself, we can help you achieve your goals.  We  have worked alongside chiropractors, physical therapists, and personal trainers. Our promise to you is to help bring you back to a more balanced state of mind, body, and soul based on homeopathic remedies. 
Specific goals for our Zen Therapeutic Massage include:

Reduce pain
Reduce stress and tension
Release muscle tightness
Repair injured tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments
Release adhesions
Release scar tissue
Release nerve compression
Greater flexibility and range of motion

Specific goals for Relaxation massage include:

Relief for tight muscles (knots) and other aches and pains
Improved circulation
Reduction of stress
Enhanced sense of wellbeing
Improved mood (reduction in depression, anxiety and anger)
Improved sleep patterns
Increased energy and vitality
Experience of comfort through touch

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What We Do

ZenUrgy is a private massage and yoga studio, working incall and outcall appointments. We specialize in Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial and Connective Tissue Massage, Couples Massage, Reiki Energy, Aromatherapy with doTerra oils, and much more. If you don’t know which treatment you need, we’ll take the time to study your habits and determine the pressure, temperature, and motion best suited for your body’s condition.

Prior to my first visit, I couldn’t even move my neck from side to side. Now I can move my neck in all motions and even participate in activities that I love--like salsa dancing! 

Sasha Owens

Therapeutic Massage


3202 Belmont Blvd, Suite E, Nashville, TN 37212

I used to get backaches from riding my horse. Discovering Amanda and ZenUrgy changed my life! She is a trained specialist and helped relieve my pinched nerves, and she taught me how to avoid back problems in the future.

Rufus T. Jenkins